Our Story


Memo's story starts in his uncle's barbershop in a lovely suburb of Istanbul, where he voluntarily did simple errands to help his uncle after school. Promptly he started making extra pocket money because his dedication and hard work was spotted by the customers. His uncle realised this little sweet boy had interest and talent for cutting hair and he was everyone’s favourite. Memo got promoted from doing errands to using clippers to trim necks or using scissors to trim the nose. He became a professional qualified barber at the age of 16 in the historic neighbourhood of Laleli in Istanbul. 


His experience and talent lead him to a 5-star-hotel in Turkey as one of the main barbers. Memo's last workplace was at the heart of Istanbul where he had worked for 8 years. A legendary 100-year-old barbershop where film and TV stars, singers, artists, writers, journalists, businessmen, football players and politicians reunite. Memo briefly describes that experience as being the best days of his life.


Memo moved to the UK in 2006 and carried on working as a barber from local shops to high-end places like Ted Baker. He opened his first barber shop in Uxbridge in 2017. He had a specific vision to design his very first store and he worked on every detail of this small, four-seated barbershop. He even went to Wales to buy waiting seats from an old cinema. His first shop became quite successful, he decided to open another one with more seats in Wood Green along his business partner Ozkan in 2019. Now his dream is to transmit his passion and dedication throughout London and establish his quality service as a global brand.



Our brand new branch welcomes you to an exceptional environment and an outstanding grooming experience by remarkable barbers.
Experience W1 service in N22.


Memo is the master barber. His trademark is his "weightless hand". Have a wet shave with Memo and you won’t feel the cut-throat razor on your face.


Ali is a very friendly guy, he speaks French and Arabic, together with English. His specialty is long hair. He is also very good at skin fades.


Samy is a very patient barber. He is an expert on beard design and skin fade. He speaks French, Arabic and English.


DJY is a very active guy, he likes his job very much. And he is very good with fades and scissor cuts. He speaks Arabic and French, not to mention English of course. 


Amine is quite guy, he likes to take his time with a haircut. He is very good with classic cuts and fades. He speaks French, Arabic and English.



Our Uxbridge shop is where it all started. Visit this lovely branch to experience
W1 service in 1LN.